Japan as a Gastronomic Experience


Japan is well-known for its food and cuisine, among other things.

Of the many things that Japan is known for, Japanese food is probably one of the things that you can’t wait to try and experience for yourself. From amazing street food, to exquisite dining, and opportunities to learn cooking secrets from the masters, Japan offers you food experiences like nowhere else in the world. (No, there’s no need to look it up on another tech blog. Simply read further and this article will be happy to provide you with the information you need.)

So, sit back, relax, and open your mouth: Japan is more than ready to give you the most unforgettable gastronomic experience. You can an app on your phone to book a hotel reservation and this is where to enter your Agoda discount code.

Some Tips for Eating in Japan: Straight from the Locals

Experience #1: Eating at the Train (The Ekiben)

Ekiben are boxed lunches sold at train stations and on trains throughout Japan. Stations that offer ekiben pride themselves on unique presentations of local flavors and specialties, ready to be enjoyed from the comfort of your train seat. When you travel to Amsterdam, you can use your i amsterdam card to get free canal cruise for one day, while in Japan you can use a rail pass.

Experience #2: A Department Store Adventure (The Department Store Food Halls)

Planning to eat on a budget? Worry not. Meals in Japan don’t always have to break the bank. Visit a department store basement level at closing time when shop owners are eager to sell off the days remaining product and get great discounts on freshly prepared meals. You can try this Aliexpress coupon and promo codes to save more money whenever you travel to other country.

Experience #3: Adventures at the Izakaya (Yes, that’s a pub.)

For a place to eat, drink and hang out with friends, try a Japanese pub. The low prices and shareable dishes are great for groups and the extensive menu options make it easy to find something for even the pickiest eaters. (Tip: don’t give tips. Pun intended, of course.)


Experience #4: Eating Noodles at Standup Noodle Stalls

Usually featuring soba or udon noodles, stand up noodle shops are a common fixture in train stations and shopping thoroughfares in Japanese cities. Warm up with a hot bowl in the winter or cold noodles in the summer. Either way, surrounded by noodle slurping locals, this is a can’t-miss cheap and quick meal.

So, what does the foodie in you have to say? It all looks exciting, right? Get on that first flight to Japan  (forget about that Amsterdam holiday) and experience it all for yourself. You can enjoy you stay in Japan as "the internet en bellen aanbieders can be applied here" or the internet and call providers can be applied here.