What Can You Do in Fukushima?


Having fun in Fukushima, Japan is a definite possibility.

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In the case of Fukushima, however, you’re in luck. You’ll be as happy with this news as any avid online shopper is about the latest coupon codes on products. Here are a few tips on where you can go and what you can do while in Fukushima. You might be wondering on “wat te doen in amsterdam in de herfstvakantie proved exciting to plan” or what to do in Amsterdam in the autumn holiday proved exciting to plan, but you can also choose to visit Japan.


Top Tips for What to Do in Fukushima

One thing you can do is to visit the Historical Site of Old Horikiri Residence. This restored house of Horikiri family is one of the biggest attractions of Fukushima. The residence was built in 1775 and takes you back to a historical era with the oldest and biggest building of Fukushima prefecture ‘ Jukkengura’. You can also visit some new Japanese style buildings as well as older Japanese traditions. Moreover, a foot bath is there in the garden where you can feel relaxation by soaking your feet. You can purchase their traditional foot spa scrub online when you get a cupon aliexpress envio gratis for free delivery.


Another thing you can do is to enjoy a hawaiian-themed spa at the Spa Resort Hawaiians. Fukushima Prefecture is one of the best tourist sights where you can spend the most relaxing moments. Do visit Spa Resort Hawaiians that is the first theme park in Japan. The resort is a great one-stop place encompassing water park, onsen, and entertainment. You can have the real fun while seeing the famous Hawaiian dance performance by Hula girls.

Also, you can try to experience the Sky Walk at Fudosawa Bridge. Of course, this is for the more spirited ones, those who can manage an adventure like that. Being located on the way to Azuma-Kofuji, the bridges give you a great opportunity to have an enchanting view of Fukushima. You can experience the ample nature’s beauty in this prefecture through this amazing view. This adventure will be a great therapy for your mind as well to get an ultimate relaxation. You should have a fast internet connection to get more information online so always do a glasvezel internet postcode check before signing up.